What Is Innovation

Innovation is best described as a new method or way of doing something. My definition on innovation can simply be defined as the improvement consistency. The beginning of innovation began with questioning how to make things easier. When existence of man was young, the human mind expanded once heat was applied to raw ingredients. Man has the desire to do things easier. As time went on, man eventually evolved and creativity inspired ideas. Culinary technology has innovated kitchens and production. Consistency comes along with innovation. New techniques, cooking methods and new ways of ingredient usage are popping up. Chefs around the world are designing their kitchens to be completely free of traditional gas stoves and installed with equipment like induction burners and sous vides. Innovation begins with ideas and creativity. Kitchen equipment is a prime example of culinary innovation. Lets look at a whisk, the whisk has quite the history. An article in the New York Times mentions around the 1600’s, European cooks improvised using wood brushes as a whisk. Today there are many whisk for meant for specific jobs, a flat whisk for sauces, ball whisk for whipped cream. These variations improved the quality of products.

Methods also innovate such as hot holding techniques. Holding cooked food while not affecting quality is always a goal in the kitchen. Old techniques used to degrade quality and ruin flavor. Ways chefs or cooks used to keep food warm buy keeping it in an oven or water bath. Some of these techniques are also hazardous to the food but along innovation, food safety has increased. Winston Shelton has created the CVAP in the 60’s, which is still considered to be a modern piece of equipment in kitchen. The CVAP has really raised advancement of consistency and food safety. The machine was built for the fast food chain, KFC to hold their juicy chicken at a appropriate temperature while maintaining that famous crispy skin. Today the CVAP is used to make pastries and all sorts of new products. This piece of equipment was meant to hold hot food but through innovation and creativity it is being used today to create some of the most famous dishes.


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